【TA】教務處遠距教學工作坊 – 3/30, 3/31, 4/4 中午


因新冠肺炎已進入全球流行,近期國內新增多起本土家庭群聚個案,校方希冀更能掌握師生之健康狀況,故若您同住之家人或朋友為『居家檢疫』或『居家隔離』之個案,請務必填報本校問卷 https://forms.gle/hExNUfVbJ9ZPcvWK6

  1. 教師應居家自主健康管理,建議採遠距教學或其他補課措施
  2. 學生在家自修或線上學習,應居家自主健康管理,不可到校上課
  3. 職員應居家自主健康管理,請檢附證明經單位主管核准居家辦公,若因業務性質無法居家辦公者,則應依規定辦理休假、事假或加班補休等相關假別申請。


  1. 嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎個案接觸者居家(個別)隔離通知書
  2. 防範嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎入境健康聲明暨居家檢疫通知書

國立中央大學防疫工作小組 關心您

Teachers, staff, and students
Due to coronavirus has entered the global epidemic, recently Taiwan has many new cases arise from family gathering, the university hopes to better control the health of teachers and students; therefore, if you live with family members or friends who are cases of “home isolation” or “quarantine,” please fill out this questionnaire, as well as take the initiative to inform the unit supervisor, and do no come to the university to work or to attend class in principle. Please do self-health management at home with the family members or friends that you live together till the period of self-isolation and quarantine is over.

  1. Teachers that should do self-health management at home is suggested to adopt to distance teaching or make up classes mechanisms.
  2.  Students who are supposed to do self-health management should do self-studying at home or do online learning, and cannot come to NCU to attend classes.
  3. Staff that should do self-health management at home, should work from home when it is approved by the unit supervisor, if you are unable to work from home, then you should apply for leaves according to regulations.

Attached files for proof of leaves

  1. Notice of quarantine at home (individual) for severe particular transmissible coronavirus
  2. Entry health declaration for prevention of severe particular transmissible coronavirus and home quarantine notice


Epidemic prevention group of National Central University cares about you